Showcasing secure products


Cyber 1st, a top British crypto engineering company, wanted to promote its mobile ‘Bulldog’ devices, which facilitate secure sharing of classified data over networks. It was struggling to showcase the benefits of its new product development due to travel restrictions and wanted to develop a consistent message to its stakeholders.


To overcome travel limitations, we created a virtual product showroom. The products could be explored interactively on screen, with the key information alongside. We accompanied this with 3D stills of likely use cases for the devices. We also developed a 2D animation that communicated the revolutionary advantages of these new products with contextual examples.


  • The virtual showroom allowed the company to bring its products to life without transporting physical devices.
  • The 3D stills captured the imagination of customers and led to opportunity pipeline growth.
  • The 2D animation and virtual showroom supported Cyber 1st’s presence at the Specialist Defence and Security Convention (SDSC-UK) and supported many subsequent meetings.

‘Canny found an innovative way to communicate the vast benefits of our world-class devices within the limitations we had. With their solution, we were able to travel to the other side of the world and present as easily as if we had our devices physically with us!’

William Gimson, Strategy, Business Development and Sales Director

Hear from William Gimson, Strategy, Business Development and Sales Director, as he talks about Cyber 1st's attendance at SDSC-UK.