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Global geopolitical risk and intelligence firm Sibylline had many of the Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 companies on its client list, yet CEO Justin Crump described his company as the industry’s “best kept secret”. Justin asked Canny to change that.

The aim was to double its revenue from its existing customer type (chief security officers (CSOs) in large corporates) and introduce Sibylline’s capabilities to the rest of the c-suite.


Given Sibylline had a team of expert analysts, all providing unbiased analysis to clients on geopolitical issues every minute of every day, the approach centred on turning this into a ‘service’ for the media to secure regular high-calibre coverage.

We started by working with the chosen spokespeople to provide media training and develop compelling pitches based on their expertise and the news agenda. Next, we worked with the in-house team to ensure a robust process was in place for handling media enquiries quickly and smoothly.

Our challenge was proving the credibility of their spokespeople. To achieve this, we constructed a series of short media-only virtual roundtables with Sibylline’s experts, running ahead of the news agenda to provide forecast insight.


Canny started working with Sibylline in 2020. Here is a snapshot of coverage between May 2022 and mid-May 2023. In this period, we secured 488 pieces of UK and US national and international business coverage. Examples of the coverage, all including unbiased analysis and brand mentions:

  • 42 comments in The Express
  • 42 interviews and expert appearances on BBC News
  • 35 comments in The Times (print and online) and three interviews on Times Radio
  • 20 comments in
  • 16 comments in DW News
  • 14 expert appearances on Sky News
  • 13 interviews on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme
  • 12 comments in Yahoo! News
  • 11 comments in The Telegraph
  • 7 comments in the Associated Press
  • 7 comments in ABC News
  • 6 comments in Bloomberg News
  • 5 comments in the Daily Mail
  • 5 comments in Forbes
  • 5 comments in CNN News (online)
  • 4 interviews and expert appearances on the BBC World Service
  • 4 comments in Arab News
  • 4 comments in The Washington Post
  • 3 comments the Los Angeles Times
  • 3 comments in Insider (US)
  • 2 panel appearances on BBC Newsnight
  • 2 comments in Al Jazeera (online)

In May 2022 alone, the audience reach of coverage was well over 1.569bn. LinkedIn followers increased by 48% (3,702) and average engagement rate rose from 4.72% to 5.18%, with some posts topping 81 reactions and 423 clicks.

The results of this coverage have led to significant brand recognition; when the sales team now make ‘cold calls’ to prospective clients, the contacts have heard of Sibylline and want to know more. The company has grown to five times its size, from 100 to 500 employees, and has accrued £50m in revenue in the last 12 months and continues to receive daily requests for comment.

Canny determinedly pursued a vast number of media leads, pitching to publications that aligned with Sibylline’s business objectives.

Through the exhaustive efforts of Canny, our team of expert analysts received excellent coverage in outlets including Forbes, Wired, Barron’s and The Sunday Times.

Millie Martin

Head of Marketing and Communications, Sibylline