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Communicating technology and innovation.

Understanding complex and emerging technology, crafting compelling narratives and building strategic relationships to amplify your brand and influence your audiences is what we excel at.

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The challenge of influencing your audiences

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) needs to access the best available technology and expertise to build and maintain strategic advantage on the battlefield.

However, translating highly technical requirements between military and technology audiences is always challenging. This challenge is amplified for emerging technologies due to their developing nature, the complexities in the technology itself and the range of potential applications, benefits and barriers across defence and security.

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Having a strategy to successfully engage these stakeholders is therefore essential to an organisation’s success.

This is where we come in.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach, combining communications and marketing expertise with technology, industry and project management know-how to ensure you influence your audiences and achieve your aims.  

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Our services

  • We have strong positive relationships with the defence and security media and industry influencers, ensuring your voice is heard by the right audience. We will maximise your exposure, generate widespread coverage and raise awareness of your ground-breaking innovations.

  • There’s no better way to test your messages and prepare spokespeople than through media training. Designed to build confidence and give lots of interview experience, we can provide in-person or virtual training options.

  • From research and analysis through to the strategic approach and planning, we partner with you to develop a strategy that will ensure your communications help to achieve your organisation’s aims.

  • We develop campaigns and plans to engage and influence stakeholders so you can smooth the technology development process. A great deal of technology never makes it to market. Often, this is because it did not get traction with key people in the chain. From investors and suppliers to potential customers and end users, every one of your stakeholders needs to realise the full potential of your technology and you need to have the opportunity to adapt and pivot based on your stakeholders’ insights.

  • In times of crisis, we provide swift and strategic crisis management support. Our team is adept at navigating sensitive situations and protecting your reputation, ensuring transparency and effective communication to mitigate potential damage.

  • Position yourself as a thought leader in the defence and security sector with our expert guidance. We leverage our industry expertise, understanding of technology and media relationships to develop marketing content and secure high-profile speaking engagements, by-lines, comment and interviews, elevating your credibility and influence within the industry. 

  • We excel in conveying the significance and impact of your technology. We know your audiences; we understand their problems, the doctrine, the capability requirements. We empathise with your audience and care deeply about front-line users having access to the best technology.  

    This storytelling can take many forms, from audio and video to news stories and animation.

    Take a look at how we told the story of:

  • We will help you understand what your audiences currently think of you. Based on that perception and an audit of your communications, we can help you realise what’s working and what isn’t. This works best when done as part of a strategy cycle, giving you the insight on which to base your decisions. We can also provide regular updates and reporting to track progress and optimise your strategy as it’s in play.

Looking for a joined-up approach?

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We help you build value
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Results-driven approach

Our success is measured by your success. We employ data-driven strategies and track key metrics to continuously optimise our efforts and achieve high-impact coverage. We are committed to delivering tangible results that bolster your brand, increase influence and achieve your aims.

Build your influence today

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your communications. Let us navigate the complex audience landscape, tell your story effectively and connect you with key influencers to shape the narrative and ensure your technology gets into front-line hands.

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