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Defence PR: Canny is shortlisted for a 2023 Pride Award

Canny has been shortlisted for the Chartered Insitute of Public Relations 2023 Pride Awards in the category of Best Use of Media Relations.

Last updated: July 2023

Justin Crump, CEO of Sibylline presenting a news bulletin on Sky News

Our entry, 'a media service: unbiased geopolitical analysis' and was focused on our PR work with our long-standing client Sibylline.

They are an excellent case study of how a concerted, targeted media strategy can result in enhanced media coverage. From comparatively humble beginnings, Sibylline has established itself as one of the leading independent risk analysis firms. They now count many firms in the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 as their clients, and their growth shows no sign of slowing down.

In 2019, Canny was enlisted to help Sibylline showcase its expertise to the world through PR. Given Canny’s specialism in defence and security, knowledge of the threat environment and the news agenda, we used our well-established relationships with national and international correspondents in the industry to build credible examples of commentary. This, combined with us setting up the systems to provide an expert commentary service for breaking geopolitical news, we quickly gained traction with the wider media.

Sibylline’s geopolitical analysis is now a regular fixture in the UK, and international press. Their CEO, Justin Crump can be routinely seen on BBC News, Sky News, Deutsche Welle and Radio Four's Today program, among many others. It’s not just their CEO either, the sage insights of their regional analysts can frequently be found in such publications such as The Sunday Times, Wired and Barron’s.

We now look forward to the awards ceremony in October and keep our fingers crossed for a win!

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