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Clearer times ahead as Canny collaborates to push the limits of global forecasting using AI

Canny Comms leverages global expertise in AI and ML to enhance geopolitical forecasting.

Last updated: July 2022

Room of military men on computers.

Their successful research project, in collaboration with leading organizations and experts in global forecasting AI, demonstrates the potential of advanced NLP and generative deep learning technologies. By combining communications and technology expertise, Canny Comms delivers competitive advantage to technical organizations, enabling effective engagement and goal realization. Explore their groundbreaking work in improving forecasting performance and deploying innovative technologies in defense and commercial applications.

Canny Comms has successfully delivered its first research and development project for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

The project, led by us, brought together a multi-disciplinary team to assess the feasibility of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies in improving geopolitical forecasting performance.

This collaborative approach combined domain expertise from communications strategy, defence technology and intelligence analysis through Canny, Black Jellyfish and Sibylline, with experts in emerging areas of natural language processing (NLP) and generative deep learning (GDL) in Verge Technology and x-Sentience.

Our technology specialists demonstrated emerging and ‘generation-after-next’ technologies, providing an insight into what future technologies the intelligence community could adopt or need to counter. This project has demonstrated the significant potential for AI and ML to enhance an analyst’s ability to forecast complex geopolitical events. Advanced NLP was able to understand the military and political context of news articles, whilst the GDL technology proved to be a powerful automated predictive tool. There is now an opportunity to develop this technology further and exploit its potential for wider defence and commercial applications.

Canny has grown over the past three years to include security and technology specialists from industry, government and defence. This fusion of communications and technology expertise allows Canny Comms to deliver competitive advantage to technical and complex organisations, allowing them to successfully engage with their audiences and realise their goals.

Speaking after the demonstration of the project’s findings, CEO Lindsay Compton said, “Our driving force is to use our expertise to get great technology into the hands of military users quicker. This contract has made great use of the skills within the team and our network to do just that.”

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