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Explaining the Ukraine war

As we all try to understand what's happening in #Ukraine, it has never been so important to have unbiased, insightful and accurate information from genuine experts.

Last updated: August 2022

Map of Ukraine.

We are very privileged to work with such a client in Sibylline Ltd. Below is a snapshot of some of the expert comments they have provided in the run-up to, and since, the invasion of Ukraine:

The i newspaper: "For tanks to be truly effective against Russia, Ukraine needs a large and comparatively common fleet, which it will be able to secure with the Leopard 2," said Mr Crump, a military veteran and reservist and founder and chief executive of intelligence risk firm Sibylline.

BBC Newsnight: Watch Alexander Lord, Senior Eurasia Analyst, as he joined BBC Newsnight to discuss Russia’s deadly mercenary force known as the Wagner Group. What the full stream: Alex’s segment starts: 19:00

BBC Radio 4 World Tonight: Listen to Justin Crump, Sibylline Ltd CEO, as he joins the World Tonight program to discuss Russia’s procurement and use of inexpensive drones from Iran in the battlefields of Ukraine. Listen here: Justin Crump’s segment: 09:50

The Times Red Box: It's time to prepare for the worst in Ukraine... Let's hope they remain mired long enough for us to learn and not lapse into old habits. Justin Crump is chief executive of Sibylline...

The Times: CEO, veteran and intelligence expert, Justin Crump speaking to Larisa Brown said "the resistance was stiffer than expected, with Ukrainians fighting “tooth and nail” in places and denying the Russians the use of bridges and railways."

BBC Radio 4: Justin talking about the "dichotomy as to how Russia is doing". Listen from 55:33

Business Insider, for Phil Rosen: "The central bank needs access to foreign exchange reserves to stop the [bank] run, but with G7 sanctions preventing access, the domestic economic situation is likely to deteriorate further," said: John Harley Breen, lead global risk analyst:

BBC News: Justin speaking to Maryam Moshiri on the key aspects of Russia's advance. Watch from 16.18:

BBC Worldwide: Liana Semchuk, Ph.D talking about businesses operating in the region. Listen from 5:15

Times Radio: Ukrainians are trying to retake Kherson "slowly, steadily and possibly successfully." Listen to Sibylline Ltd CEO, Justin Crump, speaking to Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell on Times Radio Breakfast. Listen from 01:25:

DW News: Read Justin Crump's, Sibylline Ltd CEO, comments for DW News on the weapons systems and the difficulties in increasing deliveries.

Sky News: Justin Crump, Sibylline Ltd CEO, on Sky News talking to Jayne Secker about Russia making advances in the city of Severodonetsk. First broadcast on the 16 June. Watch the full clip here:

Business Insider: Read Liana Semchuk, Ph.D, Lead Europe and Eurasia Analyst at Sibylline Ltd, comments for International Business Times UK on Russia cutting off gas to Europe:

iNews: Read Justin Crump's comments for iNewsTV discussing the war in Ukraine:

Sky News: Justin Crump's, Sibylline Ltd CEO, comments for Sky News on the missile strikes in Ukraine. The article was written by Jack Taylor and Adam Parker, data and forensics unit.

These are just a few of the 600 pieces of coverage secured for Sibylline between February 2022 and January 2023.

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