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Why nothing should ever be dull

Our clients often start a brief with, “the subject’s a bit dull but what can you do with…”

Last updated: September 2019

Flight recorder.

But there’s no need to sound apologetic; I fundamentally don’t believe that seemingly uninspiring topics need to end up as dull content.

A security briefing, for example, might sound boring, but espionage is never dull. You might think a flight safety talk has the potential to induce sleep, but aircraft crash investigations have been turned into incredibly compelling documentaries. It’s a question of having the understanding and enthusiasm to know what your audience will find interesting and deliver content creatively to offer intriguing, memorable pieces.

I believe this is the case for any mode of communication; face-to-face in a presentation, via a feature or blog, and even graphic design.

Consider listening to someone who is passionate about their subject – they are rarely dull. You naturally relate to them, remember what they say, and can’t help but want to support them. When you see subsequent product launches, talks, social posts, or academic papers, you take notes and make time to read them. You may even go as far as recommending them to others.

Written or visual content is no different. Too often, a ‘dull topic’ is a terrible excuse for poor quality content, written by someone who isn’t interested or knowledgeable on the topic. Long and boring press releases are caveated with “it’s a dry subject” or “it has to be that long to get across the detail”. I feel for the person who must read it. That’s assuming they don’t take one look and delete it.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m so passionate about making technical and complex topics interesting that, I’ve just taken the leap and set up a business that will specialise in doing just that.

Come on, prove me wrong – suggest a topic that can’t be made interesting!

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